hurtful comments kill, don’t let them kill you.

When your in an argument, people can say stuff to you that you will find offensive and hurtful. These can just be saying a hurtful name and I can go to comments that can make people commit suicide. So heres a question everyone want to know; why do people say these? Well I have an answer for you. If someone is upset or annoyed with someone, they can react in a physical way or verbal way. Where physical bullying is hurtful and can make you bleed, so can verbal bullying. In fact they can make you upset more and more. When you say these, they can ruin a life and this isn’t in some shitty councillor way, this is from experience. This is from someone who has received a comment but I took it well. Some people on the other hand don’t.

When you receive these, you may feel and urge to cry. Don’t let the person to see you upset, don’t let the person win as you don’t want them to. When you receive these don’t listen to them. No matter how hurtful they might be to you. Because the person who said them is just a motherfucker. If someone calls you fat remember thats only one persons opinion compared to many others who have never said that.

So the day comes and say you have been called an ugly fat hore. I have experience of this. Don’t react in a way for them to get even more rude and say something else. And don’t do what the shitty councillors would say, because they are wrong. Just say to them, “Okay think that because I’m quite happy with the way I look and feel” and then walk away from them. Don’t coward over and let them see that you seem like a pussy your not.

Don’t let anything anyone says ruin you or your life because just think, before they said something you were fine about yourself. Just think to yourself three things that make you happy.

If they say something, heres my advice. Take three deep breaths and then spell out the word calm, with everything that makes you calm. Think things that make you calm and each has to be a letter of calm. The first word begins with C the next A the next L and the last M for example: Carmex




now you give it a go. There will be updates on this and more blogs on other stories soon. Stay posted babes xo

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