So you have been in an argument for a short or long time and you are fed up. You probably want to sort it out. But heres the big question, “how do I do it?” Well heres my advice. Okay so the first thing is the whole texting. Don’t try and makeup over text. Thats the worst way as something you can say one text can be different to real life. If you want to make you just text them this one message. It has to say, ” I really wanna sort things.” and then wait for a reply. The best way is to talk in person or either by the phone as you want the person to hear the tone of voice you want the to hear the tone you want them to the hear not a text.

When you talk to them you need to practice what you’re going to say otherwise it could go the wrong way and then you could get even worse. I would recommend planning before. When you want to talk to them, start to think what a type of person they are. If they are an open person and will let you tell your side then think how to word the conversation but if they are stubborn then word it differently. Then think about all the possible ways it could go. Good and bad. Then you need to look at things like how you will not take all the blame or make the other person take all the blame. In most arguments you need to consider that you are both wrong and you need to apologies because it will only get worse if you don’t.

Once you have spoken it out, you need to then keep it at a good level. If it’s been a small and short argument then you need to keep up the friendship and not be awkward. But if it is a long argument then you need you need to keep it slow. The it civil friends for a few weeks and then talk more don’t rush as its been a long time and it might seem like you are desperate. My last tip of the blog is that if they don’t want to talk or makeup then don’t make it seem like you are desperate or like you are trying to hard. Leave it a few weeks and then try one more time and if the same leave it. they will warm back a but gradually and then try in maybe a few months. Don’t seem pushy or desperate. There will be updates on this and more blogs on other stories soon. Stay posted babes xo

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